Why the Best Yoga Memberships in South Jersey are at our Yoga House

If you're a yoga practitioner who is new to the South Jersey area, one of the first things you may do is find a place to practice your love for yoga. Or, perhaps you’re new to yoga, and are looking for a studio where you can begin your yoga practice. Whether you’re a new yogi or an experienced yoga student, there are several yoga studios in the area to choose from, so why should you choose the Yoga House at Royal Fitness? See the four main reasons to study yoga at the Yoga House at Royal Fitness below, and start your first month of unlimited yoga classes for only $35 today!

1. Great Yoga Class Schedule

Are you looking for evening yoga classes because you work during the day? Or maybe you want to get your hot vinyasa yoga in during the weekends? No matter what time of the day you like to practice yoga, The Yoga House has you covered! Whether you're looking for morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend classes, we have classes taking place all throughout the day and week. Fitting yoga into your busy schedule shouldn’t be an issue when you join the Yoga House at Royal Fitness.

2. Variety of Yoga Classes

Do you just love hot Vinyasa classes? How about a slow flow belly dance class? Or are you more in the mood for some ashtanga yoga? We have all these yoga classes and more at the Yoga House. No matter what kind of yoga inspires you, we have the classes that can complement your yoga needs.

But what if you don't want to take hot vinyasayoga one day and ashtanga the next? What if you're a vinyasa yogi through and through? Don't worry. Our classes largely stay the same week to week, so you can rest assured that we will have the classes that you want.

3. Experienced Instructors

At the Yoga House, we take what we do very seriously. That's why we only hire experienced teachers to lead classes in our yoga studio. Collectively, our instructors have hundreds of hours of training and teaching experience under their belts. Our teachers are not only trained in the different styles of yoga, but also have vast knowledge about the anatomical system, so our instructors can lead students into poses without causing them injury or pain.

4. Amazing Community

The Yoga House at Royal Fitness is a family owned studio that’s focused on community. Whether you attend our slow flow belly class or a vinyasa yoga class, you can be sure that we treat every single person who comes through our doors the way that we would treat our most beloved friends and family. Not only will you find amazing yoga classes at the Yoga House, but you may also find a brand new group of friends to help you towards your fitness journey.

Sign Up Today!

With a free trial class and $35 unlimited first month offer, what’s stopping you? Stop by The Yoga House today to get started. We look forward to welcoming you to our South Jersey yoga studio! In the meantime, browse our yoga class schedule.