Yoga Pants

Where can I get good yoga pants?

This comes right from our Royal Fitness Yoga Community Page on Facebook.

Susan asked, “Can anyone recommend where to buy nice yoga pants? Any favorites?”

Here are some of the answers our students shared!

• The Gloucester Outlets! Under Armor! - Susan

• Old Navy and Kohls always have good deals! - Alicia

• My Under Armor pants last years compared to most. They cost more but they last! I have two pairs over ten years old. - Leticia

• TJ Maxx and Marshalls always have a nice selection! - Josie

• I agree with getting deals at discount stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, Burlington coat Factory, etc. If you want to spend the money for higher end, I recommend Prana or Athleta. REI sells Prana in store! - Stephanie

• I love Teeki brand pants. They are made from recycled plastic bottles, have a high forgiving waistband, come in super fun patterns/colors, and hug you nice and firm like so everything stays in its place! I swear by them!! I’ve been wearing them for years and nothing is more comfortable (even in a hot class). they are out of LA and run pretty true to size. Check them out on line! -Christie

• are my favorite! They’re a new company, ethically made, and are also from recycled plastic bottles. They hug but don’t feel too tight. to get people interest right now they are free, you just have to pay shipping (20$) It does take a while to ship, mine took a month or so. But totally worth it, I have two pairs! - Liz